Friday, January 25, 2013

The First Time


I saw this move my father was still alive and we, both of us Jim Carrey fans, watched the movie together.

When this scene came up, we got to laughing so hard we started crying, and we literally couldn't stop for several minutes.

Watching this movie now, and this scene rolled around. Miss ya, Dad!


Anonymous said...

Talking about nostalgia - I am watching Velocity cable channel, Mecum Auto Auction - I know nothing at all about functional qualities, but boy, they are so beautiful. Old Mustangs and Packards, shiny! thought you'll appreciate my owe

Jeffro said...

I DO!!! I spent some time last weekend watching the big Barrett Jackson sale on SpeedTV - lots of goodies there as well!

The original Batmobile went for $4.2 mil!

Anonymous said...

wowsa - no, really? imagine how much they must've spent on the garage for that thing - it's gotta be a palace

Jeffro said...

Usually it's serious collectors who spend that kind of serious money, and they generally have a serious place to put them - their own private or public museum, more or less. Like Jay Leno - he has a private collection and people hired to maintain his cars.

My favorite cars from the dawn of motorcars are the Deusenbergs. Pretty fond of the Caddys and the old Packards as well - but the custom bodied cars really start my motor, as it were!