Saturday, April 02, 2011

WWII In Color


An officer aboard a U.S. submarine in WWII sometime approximately in 1945 shot this video of a crashing B-29, rescuing the entire crew of twelve, and the transfer of the survivors to another sub headed back to base. The film was forgotten until years later, when the tail gunner, Vanden Huevel, received a copy of the film. You really should go read the complete story from KUSA Denver.

Can you imagine getting this video of your rescue sixty five years later?

Aaand, while I'm at it, I got this video in a link to Brightcove (apparently who hosts KUSA's videos), so I wanted to attribute it to KUSA, who did the story. Do you think any combination of search terms entered into their search box would even find this story? I had to do a manual Google site search to find it. Wow - search fail KUSA. The story was from November of last year, but it's obviously in their archives.

At any rate, the video and it's context are kewl, In My Humble Opinion, carping about a news station's website aside.

H/T Lydell

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drjim said...

That rates a *double* WOW!