Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Rather Unique Windsock

There is a wide spot in the road on SD73 south of Lemmon, SD called Summerville. This twin engine plane is set high on it's pedestal and acts as a windvane, plus the props freewheel. I can tell the average Cessna, but I've no idea what this is - Piper Commanche? Winglet tanks?

I'd bet there is a back story to all this - you just don't see twin engine planes turned into windvanes, but I'd bet Robert knows.


drjim said...

A Cessna 310 had tip tanks, but I can't tell from that picture if it's a 310 or not.

threecollie said...

Now that is just cool.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not sure, but you know us who live in this part of the world. We are eccentric if we are anything. Yeah, yeah, some say crazy, but we prefer eccentric!

I'm guessing he got it bought cheap. Got tired of looking at all the "dragon's" the neighbors had setting on the hills and anted to be different! :-)

lisa said...

Now that had to of been a sight to behold.