Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mists of Arid

Yannow, if you live somewhere with a lot of humidity, this sort of thing is commonplace. Here? Not so much. The mists rising from the wheat stubble is moisture laid down by a foggy morning with a little bit of mist. The sun was cranking up the heat, the water was evaporating, the air temp was a tad cooler, and there was no wind. All very rare occurrences in our little corner of Paradise.

Well, except for the heat and the water evaporation part. We get plenty of that.

The last picture really exposes the shortcomings of my camera phone - that is a longer distance shot of a center pivot irrigation system in operation and the plumes of vapor reaching up into the sky. At first, a single plume was rising that looked for all the world like a white tornado. However, when I shot the pic, there were four separate smaller plumes - of course you can't see them.....

So, yeah, it really looks like we're just soaked around here, but that is surely not the case. Fire warnings every day kinda negate that. There have been several large prairie fires in the past two weeks, one causing the evacuation of the town of Satanta, about fifty miles from The Poor Farm.

Like my ol' Daddy used to say: It's dryer than a popcorn fart around here, Son. I suspect that is pretty dry.


lisa said...

Yes, you sure don't hear that quote very often, I have heard it all through my growing years. I can still remember the fog from out in Utah where you couldn't see beyond the windshield!

Lisa Paul said...

Fog is a strange and wonderous thing -- she said coming from San Francisco. But the Central Valley has some truly amazing fogs, the infamous Tule Fog that rises up from the ground and can suddenly obscure all roads. Be careful out there.