Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can’t Call Her Molly Anymore, Either

LeeAnn is visited by goats. Go read.


threecollie said...

OMG, laughing my poor gizzard right out here. Great stuff!

LeeAnn said...

As a followup, I called and left a message on what I think is animal control's voicemail. Could just be a random voicemail, since all I could hear was clicking and barking.
"Hi, you might have some goats there, one girl and one allegedly boy? Please call me if no one bails them out of goat jail. My sister in law is in the mood. Thanks."
Followup voicemail immediately after.
"Oh gawd, in the mood to adopt them. Not... oh gawd."

Jeffro said...

Snork! Nothing like a little foot in mouth for the aperitif for the day.