Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Goes Around....

Sometimes comes around. Yeah, we've all heard it before, and it seems rare when something does happen.

Check this post out at Blackfive.

I cringe every time the Phelps Family of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka floats to the top of the news like a rancid turd in the punch bowl. The idea that they are from Kansas shames me, a proud citizen of the same state.

I'm not one to think two wrongs make a right, but the novel way that Rankin County law enforcement personnel, tow truck drivers and residents treated the "Family" makes me want to look the other way. As much as the Phelps thugs have warped the First Amendment and the idea of decency causes me to think a little bit of twisted reaction is acceptable as well.

I may end up burning in Hell yet, but if I do, I fully expect to see the Phelps there already.

 H/T @cyberludite, who retweeted this.


drjim said...

Score one for local LEO's!

LeeAnn said...

I'm reminded of a song on the "Chicago" soundtrack, slightly paraphrased:

They had it comin'.
They had it comin'.
They only had themselves to blame.
If you'd a been there.
If you'd a seen it.
I betcha you would have done the same."

Go Rankin!

MorningGlory said...

Thanks Jeffro - this made my day!

Happy Easter!

BrbdWyr said...

Thanks for this, Jeffro.

On a tangent: If only there was this much support for our living troops. Don't get me wrong - it makes me proud to see all of the folks streetside honoring the fallen, but the support needs to happen long before it ever gets to that. We need to vote the asshats out of Washington that continue this idiocracy of their ego-fueled wars and bring our kids home. Now.

Signed, Angry in WI.

Jeffro said...

Andy: I've got to admit I was wound up with the Stupid Party's rationalizations for their wanting to go to war. At least they got worked up about it, plus they had me worried about the Evil Party being in power and compromising our security.

It is to laugh, but it isn't funny. Obama has jumped feet first into the very things he campaigned against without even the benefits of the Stupid Party's window dressing.

I should have known better.