Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Phone Call

In Belle Fourche SD tonight - and while I'm probably not gonna have time to stop and visit personally, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to talk with one of my online blogging pals Robert Dennis (aka Jinglebob) of Dennisranch's Weblog. I'll just bet most of you know who he is, too. I'm more farmer, and he's more old school stockman, but we decided we had quite a bit in common.

We can't stand to be boxed in by the country we're in - too many trees and mountains make us nervous.

On the other hand, we like rough country - like some of the hidden draws and bluffs in Kansas and the rolling rock formations on the plains in South Dakota. Guess that's the cattlemen in us - good pasture land, it is.

Some folks in other areas are strange.

We didn't agree on flat ground. Robert has gone out of his way to avoid Kansas in the past because he's heard it just hour after hour of flat ground. I think that's been oversold - it's a rolling, humpy flat with hidden draws and cuts breaking it up after a few miles. You've gotta climb on something tall (which won't be a tree, for sure) to see for miles and miles.

I have got to meet this guy in person, just like I need to take the time to see this esteemed blogger.


drjim said...

I never though of Kansas as "flat"
You want FLAT, drive through Iowa!

threecollie said...

That is seriously cool! My brother has talked to RD as well and shares your opinion on what a great guy he is..and I just love his blog. I love the Internet for giving me a chance to "meet" like-minded people from all over the place. Makes the world a lot smaller.

Anonymous said...

Great visit Jeffro! Call any time and if you ever have even a n hour to give me a heads up when your coming thru' I will sure try to meet up with you for some food, conversation or some such.
Collies is right, I have sure met some cool people because of the internet.

Laura said...

I miss the farm : (