Sunday, April 03, 2011

Train Songs

Yeah, this is gonna be a lame post with a bunch of YouTube videos. Oh well.

Rock, classic rock, AOR, whatever - pretty much defines what I prefer to hear. Doesn't mean no country or blues, or even some pretty saccharine pop. Anyhoo, one of the common threads in some of "my" music covers the subject of trains. So we begin:


Of course this is a cover - this song didn't originate with Aerosmith. However, theirs is the version I grew up listening to. If a bar band could play this song fairly well, we knew we were gettin' some good rock! Of course this was back in the days of "drown nights," so my ability to discern quality tuneage might have been compromised.


Then there was Blackfoot's Train, Train song.Listen. Nuff said.


The Ozark Mountain Daredevils "Chicken Train." A plain ol' fun song. Frankly, this video blows for hearing the Daredevils perform, but it sure shows how people have a good time hearing it. Which is why it's so memorable to me.


Then there is The Grateful Dead's "Casey Jones," which isn't about trains at all. Really.


Then there is a song that isn't rock and roll at all - The Orange Blossom Special. This one is by Roy Clark, and this clip is obviously from Hee Haw. Bonus points for showcasing Misty Rowe. In My Humble Opinion, of course. Roy looks like he's having a good time, too.

Welp, I'm sure I've missed a ton of songs, particularly of the country and blues variety. Lemme hear about it!

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