Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reason #1572.6 To Shut The CB Off

I was driving on the new south bypass in Dodge City today, headed for US50 west. When eastbound on US50/400 the first bypass is where US 400 splits off, going by US283 South. US 400 winds on around, hooking up with US56. If you follow US56, it will take you by the Flying J truckstop. Or, back on US50/400, one can go through Dodge City the hard way and go by the Flying J. Or, one can take the north bypass - US50, and miss that part of Dodge altogether.

So, this is what I hear:

Is there a truckstop in Dodge?

Where are you now?

Eastbound on 50.

Yes, just stay on Business 50 and go straight through town, or take the south bypass. Either way will take you by the Flying J.

OK, there's a Flying J in Dodge City?


And I have to turn left?

Only if you want to take the south bypass - it's the first left you'll come to. It would be easier if you just went through town.

OK, so I have to turn left?

If you want to go around Dodge to the south, well, yeah, but you don't want to do that. Just go straight. Take you right to it - can't miss it.

OK, I see a left turn.

Where are you?

Behind the (such and such) truck.

You've gone past the south bypass - that's the north bypass you're coming up to. Go straight!

Uh, I'm turning left now.

Uh, this bypass is taking me north.

Uh, will this north bypass take me to the Flying J?

After hearing the nice guy give detailed and easily understood directions, and hearing them ignored, apparently he decided he was wasting his time. There was a bit of impatience in his voice as he kept trying to get the guy to go through Dodge rather than turn.

Uh, can anybody hear me? Does this north bypass go by the Flying J?

I, being the helpful sort:


Of course, there is a way to get from the north bypass to the truck stop - but I and everyone else had heard this clown ignore the directions he'd been given, and no amount of pathetic bleating was going to shame anyone into answering this fool. Why would we want to waste our time?

I've heard this tableau in so many cities and different situations it's not even funny. How some of the mouth breathers behind the wheel of some big rigs manage to find their way across the country amazes me. If he were having trouble understanding people talking to him on the CB - well, he needs to upgrade his speaker or get his radio fixed. I dunno, maybe understanding English might help, too - I'm not trying to make fun of immigrants behind the wheel, but I swear, there are some who supposedly are natives that don't understand simple, direct English. Some idjuts obviously can't read a map. Some show up near their destination and expect others to tell them how to get there, rather than call ahead for directions from the receiver. Some are just plain dense folk who can't be helped, and have their job just because the main requirement was for a warm body behind the wheel, and for that, they qualify.

If I have time, I'll look for my delivery spot on Google Maps, looking at the satellite view as well as the map, and get directions from the customer. Frequently, the mapping programs are wrong, but at least it gets me close. To my way of thinking, if you're planning on being a "professional" driver, you should be able to do whatever it takes to deliver your load, end of story. I'll sure help someone who needs it, but someone who requires that kind of help 24-7? Forget it.

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