Thursday, April 01, 2010

Real Patriotism

As we all know, Tea Partiers are all racist, bigoted, mouth breathing knuckle dragging terrorists in some sort of chrysalis stage, just waiting to erupt and rain down death, destruction, and dissent. Wingnuts. Since Teh Won took office, anyone who deigns to disagree is labeled thusly.

But, let's go back in time a bit and see what passed for intelligent opposing discourse to the Bush administration:


Of course, these people were patriots exercising their right to freedom of speech. After all, advocating the murder of a Republican President isn't considered "out there" or threatening. I hope this helps y'all out if you are suffering some sort of disconnect when you see the "news media" reports on the radical right and think maybe, just maybe, they have an agenda, are hypocrites, and short memories. Nope - Right is bad, left progressive is good. Just remember that, and you'll be fine.


ptg said...

Double standard? Why would the media and the Attorney General do that?

Jeffro said...

I know. Silly me.

Lisa Paul said...

In defense of us Liberals, at least those of us in San Francisco, spewing hate was NOT the norm. Or at least our organizers tried to steer us away from it. I participated in several marches against the Iraqi war in the early days, and all the websites, organizing literature, etc., which was put out to rally us, clearly said signs should focus on the issues and not be incendiary or profane. In fact, in one march, some protesters were told to put down their signs or not march (since they dropped the F bomb).

But then there are crazies on all parts of the political spectrum. And for all I know,this sort of moderation is what also goes on in mainstream Republican protest marches.

And, hey, I'm guilty of hate. I gave my terriers George W. Bush chew toys. ANd encouraged them to shred them!

Jeffro said...

Lisa: from what I've seen, a lot of the weirdness those of us in flyover red country consider to be Californian mostly originates from Berkeley. And, neither side is guilt free as well.

I just fail to understand the hatred towards the tea parties when the blue point of view has been pushed as patriotic in all the Republican years. Not that some Repubs didn't spew vitriol over what the progressives were saying. Can you imagine the howls if Ashcroft had gone after liberals with "Death to Bush" signs like Holder is going after similar incidents now? Charges of racism are thrown too many times if one disagrees with the current administration. I'm white, and disagree with the Obama administration. That's enough to automatically brand me a racist in plenty of circles that have a fawning media panting to hear every charge to broadcast it.

As far as me being racist - perhaps I am in some ways - I was raised in a pretty much lily white area complete with Jim Crow laws. Now, the Hispanic community is beginning to outnumber whites, so that's changing. At any rate, I didn't grow up around black people. My first contacts were positive - I'll never forget the first time I even saw a black man - I was maybe seven or eight buying a model in the nearby "big" city, and it turned out I lacked a penny to buy it. The black gentleman behind me gave the cashier the penny. That's a pretty positive first impression. My later encounters just proved to me that "they" were people just like the rest of us - other than they talked and looked a little different. I've discussed this with some black friends over the years, and they've found my motives pure enough. But, even so, if I attend a tea party, it's assumed I'm a racist redneck. Moi, who used to sport a ponytail. Plus, I think the "Death to whatever politician" idea is a bit far fetched. Trying to take my guns away is different - I'm defending myself and the rights I was born with - I don't care who or what color the transgressors might be.

Crap, I've about got a blog post going on here.

BTW, thanks for stopping by! Drop on in and wind me up anytime! Snork! Seriously, I just recommended you to my liberal recycling cousin in MN - I just know she'd really enjoy reading your blog. Hell, I do, so there you have it.

Lisa Paul said...

Actually, not trying to wind you up at all. IN fact, I think most thinking Americans have more in common than not. Even as a Bay Area Liberal, I've voted for Republicans before and remained proud of those votes (Olympia Snowe of Maine for one).

And no, most of us in San Francisco don't always find solidarity with Berkeley.

I think on both sides of the aisle, we each find that civility and talking on the issues is more important than mindless spewing.

And guns? Yeah, now that I have one. I'm finding it lots of fun to use. Even if I don't really want to shoot anyone or even most critters.

Jeffro said...

Lisa: I seem to be self winding these days, so you don't have to take that responsibility on all to yourself!