Monday, October 05, 2009


If you think this is cool, you are probably a redneck.

I'm probably a redneck - I could see chasing coyotes or something similar with this puppy.

Seen in the beautiful metroplex of Kansas City - it was on I435 or I470 - probably on the Missouri side.


Anonymous said...

I guess I truly am a redneck- back in the day I knew somebody that had one!

Mo K said...

Either that, or in "non-redneck" terms it's called "overcompensating".

threecollie said...

Yeah, redneck all the way. Alan is thinking of putting his dad's old Ford up in a tree as a deer blind. lol

Anonymous said...

Got taste though...............there's no dangling scrotum.

ArgyleSweater could probably run with that picture.