Thursday, October 01, 2009


Wow. Danziger is on fiah heah. He just discovered trucks have communications technology in them now? OMG, we better stop that For The Children.

Hee hee. Sarah Palin wrote a book. Her supporters are too dumb to read it, and want it read to them. Wow, isn't that funny. Ha ha. Remember, these elitists are smarter than you or me, so laugh, laugh laugh at the sophisticated humor depicted here. It's clever and topical, andwhyinhellwon'tshegoawayanddiealreadyshe'spissedoffthosewhoknowbetterandit'stimeforhertogo!

I guess the Empire State Building's managers are right up there with Google as far as remembering to dance with the ones who brung ya - they'll honor the 60th anniversary of Communist China, but wouldn't honor the Marine Corp's birthday. Wouldn't wanna be too parochial or embarrassingly patriotic. I mean, c'mon. It looks bad to other countries when we toot our own horn.

I swear, I think I've woken into some sort of alternate reality. Brazil doesn't seem all that far fetched anymore. I'll be seeing y'all at the reeducation camps. I'll be the one sporting the white canvas long sleeves that tie in the rear style shirt.


drjim said...

Damn! They switched to metric and nobody told us!

threecollie said...

EVery day I wake up and wonder how this all popped up so quickly....or maybe it didn't.