Saturday, October 24, 2009

No, Really

Mitsubishi's Fart Fighting Crossover

Get a whiff of this. Mitsubishi has put a new spin on the automotive fight to save the environment when it introduced a concept at the Tokyo motor show that makes the unexpected passing of wind a little less embarrassing.

As part of a new interior package its calls 'cocochi', the PX-Miev's upholstery incorporates an anti-allergen coating that Mitsubishi says breaks down offensive odours and volatile organic compounds as well as deactivating allergens such as ticks and pollen.

And if fighting farts isn't enough, each of the PX-Miev's four seats is air-conditioned to ensure any remaining odours are quickly distributed and dispelled.

The PX-Miev's obsession with smell doesn't end there. The air-conditioning system pumps out aroma molecules as well as negative-ion and enriched oxygen to reduce fatigue and enhance comfort.

And a driver-monitoring system uses a distinctive fragrance as a warning if it thinks concentration is wavering.

It also issues audible, visual and vibrational warnings. The PX-Miev is also concerned about your looks, its new-age interior including a radiation-blocking glass that prevents darkening and aging of the skin.

Mmmmkay. Could it be, just maybe, possibly - there was a whole design committee that had their potty training just a tad early?

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