Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Hate Winter

I've whined before about how I just don't care for winter. When I started hauling oversized loads, we were generally left alone in bad weather. Most states have some sort of bad weather restriction on the permits they issue - they say they don't want us out there if it's too dark, windy, rainy, icy or snowy.But, in these days of the various .gov agencies looking for dollars, the LEOs will park us, probably even accompanied by a fine. The various states enforce these rules differently, and as a matter of fact, so do the individual officers. It's a judgment call.

Colorado is one state that turned one hundred eighty degrees in their approach to enforcing their oversize restrictions. If there is even a dab of snow on the road, it's likely that we'll be parked. Nebraska is now paranoid about rain. We didn't have to go through Colorado today, but we sure had to go through Nebraska.

Another driver and I are headed to eastern North Dakota (Bakken oilfield, anybody??), and we didn't get out until noon. We had to go about seventy miles out of our way in Nebraska due to road construction, and it rained on us the whole trip. Until we got to Broken Bow - then it turned to snow. Getting parked out in the middle of nowhere isn't high on my list of Things I Want To Accomplish In A Day Cab - luckily we made it to Thedford. For a spot in the road, it has a nice motel and restaurant/club next door. If the roads are dicey in the morning - we will get stopped trying to get through Valentine tomorrow. The state trooper based there is a stickler.

But, you can call me a lot of things, but you'll never call me late for dinner. We're warm and dry with internet access and cable tv, so all is well for a while at least!


threecollie said...

What is up with this snow in October? We drove through it all day yesterday too!

Jeffro said...

Damn this global warming!

Jinglebob said...

I am soooo glad it is you out there in that truck and not me! I drove one for several months one fall and swore I'd never do it again and I haven't. This kind of weather is exactly why! I've got a brother that has done it all his life and just gets in and goes where ever he needs too. Crazy, but a good driver evidently!

Be careful out there!

Earl said...

Sometimes a warning to slow down is a good thing, where does the hurry, hurry stuff come from? It wasn't from schools that I remember.

wv bustring that would be interesting, but inconceivable....

Frank W. James said...

Global Warming??? Yeah, that's why our corn STILL doesn't have a black layer (a maturity indicator for all you non-agriculturally inclined folks) and it's as wet as a well used bar rag.

Hate to mention it, but us grain farmers types have to have EITHER warm Indian summer weather OR it has to get down around Zero degrees F for this stuff to dry down. One or the other; as for Global Warming...where do we go to buy that stuff, 'cause I could use some.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Jerry in Texas said...

I'm still in denial that it's 4th quarter 2009. You're harshing my mellow with photos like that.

Drive safe, buddy!

Mo K said...

Safe travels, Jeffro! I hate driving in snow, too. It genuinely sucks. :-(

Take good care.