Saturday, August 01, 2009

So There!

After rinsing 3k worth of grime off the Mighty Binder, it was time for the Replenishment Trip to Wally World. Gotta have my drugs and eats. Fat people get hungry, too, ya know.

I've gotten in the habit of checking the sporting goods section for ammo. Since the election, it's been a waste of time - unless ya want .17HMR. Plenty of that. Lots of shotgun food, but there hasn't been a run on it.

But today, I saw there was a fair selection of centerfire rifle ammo. I'd seen some 30-06 in the past, but I didn't need any. Today - wow! .222Rem, .223Rem, .243Win, .270Win, 30-30Win, and some 7mm Rem Mag! Woo Hoo! And what's that? Why, there was even several boxes of .40S&W!

They have their ammo on shelves behind the counter. Since the counter is basically square, you can walk to the other side and look across. Once I noticed the Short and Weak, I figured I was gonna be in for some ammo. So, the attendant was busy doing something with his register, and I parked myself in front of him. Seems he was busy with a couple of other customers - a couple of young men. One was trying to buy a fishing license, and the register had hung up printing it out, and Our Sporting Goods guy was on the phone trying to figure out the problem. To no avail.

Whatever the phone support said to do didn't work, and the kid mentioned the 'puter might just need to be rebooted, since the screen was frozen. Sporting Goods guy shut off something that didn't do the job, so the kid leaned over the counter and told him which machine to shut off. Sporting Goods guy did, and asked if he should hit the power button again. Tech Support customer told him to wait for it to completely shut down, then start it up again.

Meanwhile, a good looking older blonde and perhaps her mother showed up on the other side. Good Looking Older Blonde (referred to as GLOB from now on) was pretty impatient, and hollered that she wanted some .40 caliber handgun ammo - did they have any? SGg said they did, but she needed to know specifically what kind of ammo. I spoke up and said: "40 Smith and Wesson." She gave me a blank look, and got on her phone.

I couldn't hear what was being said, but SGg started taking out boxes of .40S&W from the other side and stacking them on the counter. He then came over to my side and pulled out three boxes. I asked GLOB: "Are you planning on taking them all? I was here first, and I wanted some." No answer, but I did get burned a bit by the laser eyes. SGg said: "She wants it all."

So, I said: "Well, I'll take these (pointing at the three boxes in front of me). This will do me. I was here first and I'm not gonna hog it all."

Daggers from across the counter.

She paid and left with five boxes. I really only wanted two, but since she was being a bitch, I took the extra one just to spite her. The two young fishermen noted that they had heard her say she was there first, but that simply wasn't true. I couldn't hear what she had said, but they could. SGg had no clue - he was apparently incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. He said he hadn't noticed me standing there (for the past fifteen frakking minutes). I thanked the guys for having my back.

I also bought two boxes each of 30-30 and .243. I was kinda low on that as well. I could have bought them all out, and I could have bought all the .40 - even if it meant calling in a manager. I figured I pissed her off by taking three boxes, even if I was there first and had dibs on them. I expect having her exposed as a liar didn't help her 'tude much either.

Gah. There is a reason I'm turning into a crotchety weekend hermit. I just don't play well with assholes much anymore.


threecollie said...

People! They are everywhere...and mama didn't teach 'em no manners at all. Dang.

dasenbrj said...

"I just don't play well with assholes much anymore." - I digress, played that one out perfectly Jeffro!!

Jerry in Texas said...

Maybe you pissed her off enough, she won't show back up at Wally World. Yeah, right. She'll just be more bitter and more vocal next time.