Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Thompson submachine gun among 1,700 weapons collected in gun buyback

LAPD Deputy Chief Charlie Beck and Lt. Fred Booker marvel at a throw-back of a weapon - the Thompson submachine gun, made famous, or infamous, in one of a score of movies about mobsters terrorizing American streets during Prohibition.

This gun was one of almost 1,700 guns which were turned in to the LAPD over the weekend as part of a gun buyback program. Residents could turn in their weapons with no questions asked and receive a coupon for $100 worth of groceries.

Hey - it's evil looking - got that round mag hanging out below, what's the diff, right?

Our totally unbiased, knowledgeable press (and cops, too) hard at work - without agendas - protecting us proles yet again.

H/T Clayton Cramer

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ptg said...

Thats not a Thompson, is it? If it is, it has been ruined with goofy aftermarket add-ons. All it needs is curb feelers, a big spotlight and mud flaps with plastic jewels.

Jeffro said...

It's a "Street Sweeper" shotgun - or a clone.