Friday, August 07, 2009

How a Real Man


Washes a car. Well, maybe not more than once.

H/T Dave Barry


Mo K said...

Oh, I hate to think how that would crush my li'l Skyster.

(BTW....WV: "floggi" how apropos!)

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Dude! Was that a Merc Tracer Wagon??? My heart.....

dasenbrj said...

Nice... the dream of every coal miner-to borrow some equipment and go play!!

We got an excavator about that size, ours is a Komatsu PC1800, it is interesting. It has two 12 liter Cummins engines. Neat design on the hydraulics, all of the case drains on the pumps and motors are filtered, so you can pull the case drain filters, cut them, and inspect for metal, indicating a pump/motor near failure. Only got one machine and it only makes it to the shop once every three months, so I don't get around it much.