Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Can't Find the Clip

Saw Senator Dick Durbin defending the health bill this morning but I can't find the clip. Mostly he was carrying on about how costs are spiraling out of control - too many tests ordered for simple procedures, and so on. So, his answer is to not allow doctors to use "excessive" testing because of the prohibitive cost.

Trust a lawyer to ignore the elephant in the room and put the onus on medical pros - geez, do ya think maybe protection from lawsuits might just be the cause of "excessive" tests? Tort reform would take a bite out of that, but it would hurt his fellow ambulance chasers back in the 'hood. Right in the ol' pocketbook. Better to have all us taxpayers fork over the big bucks.

Treat the symptoms and let government do it. I just love it already.

And, I'm not horking on all lawyers, I happen to know a couple of ethical ones. Just the ones that supposedly represent us, when they're not too busy getting filthy rich at our expense.

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