Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Three *Professional Ladies*

Hot from the email inbox:
Three hookers were talking

The first one said:

"I had a Fireman last night"

The second one asked how she knew he was a fireman, and the first one replied:

"I saw his badge"

The second hooker said:

"Well I had a policeman"

The first one asked how she knew he was a policeman

The second hooker replied:

"I saw his gun"

The third hooker then joined in and said:

"Well, I had a farmer last night."

The other two replied:

"How do you know he was a farmer?"

The third hooker replied:

"First he said it cost too much,

then he said that it was too dry,

then he said it was too wet,

and when we were through he asked if I had any free hats!

H/T Eddie


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Heh. Spot on.