Saturday, August 08, 2009

Best Commercial Ever

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This commercial kicked some serious butt. The figurines weren't actually GI Joe, Barbie or Ken, but we all knew who they were supposed to be. Plus having Van Halen (with David Lee Roth, in the most fun iteration of the band) as the background music was genius. Unfortunately Mattel didn't see the humor - they sued to have the commercial removed and won.

I'll bet it was the "Ken" doll that convinced Mattel to sue. He didn't look very happy.

You can find the commercial on YouTube, but whom ever owns the rights to Van Halen's catalog had not approved the use of the music, so it's been turned off.


ptg said...


Van who?

Jeffro said...

My favorite Kinks song.

Van Halen has the ice cream, man.

Jeffro said...

Actually, on second thought, this is my favorite Kinks song - Lola is such an easy target.

ptg said...

Watch the Kinks do it without the goofy pictures here.

ptg said...

"Tales of drunkenness and cruelty." Where have I heard that before? Too bad her ma and pa made her come back.

Ain't memory grand?

Jeffro said...

Ahh, well, at least we listened to some good stuff while we cooked our brains. Jonas Brothers? Forty years from now? Are you kidding me?