Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Sometimes a Cigar is..." Department

I get a charge out of my dreams - the ones I can remember after awaking. Sometimes it's so surreal that my conscious mind cries out "BS!" immediately if not before, or it was an action packed sequence, or just whatever made it memorable. If only for the next ten minutes. Are dreams a window to the future? What do they mean?

I woke up with the remnants of a particularly insistent dream yesterday morning. Most of the details became foggy almost immediately, but it seemed I was being quizzed about something very very important. Perhaps a game show. The question was: "Where would you find a Jeep on the moon?"

Well, this was supposed to be soluble if I knew my moon facts - craters and such. Welp, I'm a failure there. So, as I was groggily coming to my senses (as it were, it's debatable if I ever do), this search string was imbedded as Very Important.

OK, so I entered it into the Crackberry, since the laptop was shut down. Something was up with Crackberry service north of Atlanta, and nothing was returned. I eventually had to do a hard reset to get it to find anything.

Finally, I got search service. Was this question some portent of the future? Was there some sort of enlightment enclosed in this simple yet complex question? Would I become rich and famous as a soothsayer?

Of course not. It was nonsense. My brain was just screwing with me.


ptg said...

Remember the Apollo program's Lunar Rovers? As far as I know, these were left behind on the moon. They would be the closest thing to a jeep up there.

Jeffro said...

Yep, even seen one at the Cosmosphere at Hutchinson. The dream was just nonsense.