Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

This post is gonna mean something more to any local folk who read this, but today is Ronald K. Burns' 70th birthday.

I got my start in trucking working for Ronnie - he is a custom harvester, farmer, and trucker. I was in his employ for ten years. I've got to say that he was the best person or organization to write a paycheck to me. I quit his employ (with his encouragement and approval) to work for the USPS - he couldn't begin to afford the benefits I got there, he knew it, and wanted the best for me. Perhaps had I never worked for him, I could have stomached the USPS and their attitude towards their charges, but I'd experienced being treated like a human being. That was pretty hard to give up.

I'm still friends of the family - I've spent many a holiday at the Burns residence over the years. He's a Ford fanatic, and we trade barbs during Nascar season about the inevitable Chevy vs Ford rivalry. I've always known if I need advice, he's there for me.

Always a workaholic, age has slowed him somewhat. He isn't as active in custom harvesting or trucking. He likes to do all his farming. He's had knee replacements in the past few years. Grandkids figure large in his life. He and his wife Kay have a model marriage. They started with nothing, and have made quite a life for themselves and their family.

Don't think it was all sunshine and lollipops between us. I can get pretty mouthy, and did so on plenty of occasions when I felt something wasn't right. That I didn't get mad and quit or he didn't fire me says something right there.

I'd imagine y'all can hazard a guess that I admire him greatly. I do, and I'll stand with him against any detractors. He's a hell of a guy, and the fact he's made it to seventy is a cause for celebration. Here's to many more - and if you know him at all, wish him a happy birthday and tell him I sent ya!

Oh, and he'll never see this. That household is completely internet free! I just got off the phone with him and said what needed to be said.


Jerry in Texas said...

That was a nice tribute, Jeffro. Sounds like quite a guy!

The Local Malcontent said...

There's nothing like a good solid friend, is there?
Ronnie sounds like one of yours.
Great tribute, Jeffro.

Anonymous said...

thanks, my brother from another mother! tb

Jeffro said...

No problem tb - your dad is quite the guy.