Thursday, July 16, 2009

Always Hate To See This

Several cars and trucks flashed their headlights at us, so we knew something was up. When we got to Walton, KS, there was a line of traffic. We figured it was a wreck. Then, we saw the LifeWatch helicopter circle in for a landing. That's it lined up above the water tower.

Between the two lines of traffic is a crushed white Suburban. It looked like a giant foot had stepped on the driver's side front quarter panel. It had originally been headed eastbound. It was pointed southwesterly when it came to rest.

We sat in line for about an hour, and this is the truck that the 'Burb' hit. I snapped the pic as we were driving by (not too well, either - I was hoping to get the Suburban on the rollaway). Apparently, a grandmother and her granddaughter, approximate age eleven, were in the Suburban. The woman fell asleep and hit the truck slightly in front of the drivers, knocking the axles loose, breaking the wheels and knocking the tires loose from the wheels. You can see the trailer wheels were damaged as well. Grandma rode the helicopter, granddaughter rode in an ambulance, and the trucker was shaken but unhurt.

The speed limit is forty five at that point. Even if they were both observing the limit, closing speed would be ninety mph.

I hope the grandmother and granddaughter will be ok...

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