Monday, July 06, 2009

More Power


I wonder....... how would that work on an eighteen wheeler? Other than fry people following too closely. Hey, I just found a solution to tailgaters!

H/T Nunkle Kim


ptg said...

Tailgaters. I despise them. My usual solution is to slow down to a speed where their proximity seems safe, one car length for every 10 mph or so. This usually gets them to pass me.

An old friend and I devised 'The Stinger' to teach them a lesson. It consists of a spool of heavy gauge piano wire hidden in the trunk with one end extending through a rigid guide tube and out a tiny hole just above the bumper.

At the push of a dash mounted button, high speed electric motors propel the wire out through the hole. Sensors detect the moment that the wire pierces the tailgater's radiator and the wire is retracted in the blink of an eye. The process may be repeated as needed.

The stinger works so quickly that the tailgater never sees it. When his/her car overheats, the problem is solved.

Sadly, our plans to market these devices were thwarted by pesky laws and overly cautious insurance companies.

Jeffro said...

Genius is often overlooked. Dammit.

rickn8or said...

Once upon a time, Wes Shockley DID have the same configuration in a 18-wheeler tractor body. Saw him several times at SoCal Airshows.

I guess finding 300-mph tires for a '57 Chevy is easier than for a White Freightliner.