Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tom Cole Gets Scorched

Tom Cole has an interesting statement on the NRCC Blog

Families today face challenges that yesterday's laws simply don't address. We need to fix government, and one solution is to update our laws so they provide America's families with more freedom in their jobs; greater healthcare and retirement security; safer communities; access to quality, affordable education; and the ability for future generations to compete in the global economy.


From young people just starting out and looking for affordable college, to working parents who want more freedom in the workplace, to seniors who would benefit from greater flexibility with their health care and prescription drug benefits, the American Families Agenda provides commonsense solutions that modernize our laws and give people greater liberty.

I look forward to sharing more about Republican solutions and a positive agenda in the weeks to come.

C'mon, man, does that sound like a conservative Republican? The commenters immediately jump him about it:

This is not the message I am looking to support. The message of the Replican Part should be fundumentally different than the Democrats. We don't need to "fix" the government. We need the Federal Government to do wnat it is supposed to - protect our freedom. It should not try to be eveyones "Daddy" Healthcare is not the Federal Governments responsibility. If my new my situation, you might take these comments more seriously. I am not some rich guy who wants to pay less taxes and who can afford to pay for the high prices of healthcare. I just know that government, in general, is inefficiant and wasteful and would like to see less governement programs instead of more.

Posted: Steve Bryant on May 16, 2008 at 12:59 PM

And another example: are kidding??!! John McCain is the republican candidate for President. So, which LIBERAL should I vote for. Let's see OBAMA(Marxist), CLINTON(Marxist), MCCAIN(Open border/amnesty liberal). I have changed my party affiliation to independent. I will not vote for anyone who says one thing during the primary and when they think they have the nomination locked up, tell how they truly feel. John McCain "DIDN'T GET IT" after-all.

So if the RNCC is going to support this liberal RINO, then you and are at odds from here on out. No more money, no more support.

Posted: Terry on May 16, 2008 at 1:08 PM

I've been through about half of the comment thread, and NO ONE is supporting Cole's "message." Several commenters have asked if anyone is really listening. I'd say no - the RHINOs are running scared and trying to out lib the Democrats. We don't call them The Stupid Party for nothing.

H/T The Plains Feeder through Michelle Malkin. Photo from The Lotus Blog.

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Earl said...

I like reading about work, I kind of understand it. I once liked reading about politics, because I thought it mattered, then I started to see that what I did had little to do with either major party, that no elected official was listening, none of them leading nor taking responsibility, and I couldn't trust any of them to watch my back in the fight. I will keep reading but don't expect that any of them need me - so there will never be mutual trust... sigh.