Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This Week Could Be Better

But, I'm not sure yet just how much better I want it. I had an appointment to unload a tank in Sidney NE this morning, and take another tank to the Greeley CO area. I've been playing musical trucks, so I was in a different one yesterday and today. Anyhoo, I pull into the site and smoke and steam is rolling out from under the hood. This is usually an indication that things aren't good. There was an antifreeze leak somewhere. I topped it off with a hose, unloaded the tank and scooted back to town. There are two places here that can work on trucks. One is strictly mobile, the other is a full service shop. The mobile outfit got to me right away.

It's not a bad hose. The radiator is pressuring up, which means a bad head, head gasket or broken head stud. At any rate, it means at least some of the top of the motor has to come off. The shop here in town can get to it sometime in the middle of next week.

So, the boss has two trucks coming up - one pulling a lowboy flatbed to haul this truck home, and the other will bobtail so I can hook to this trailer and deliver the tank. Hopefully, they get here in time for me to get to Greeley tonight so I can be at the customer's site for an eight am appointment.

I'm in the parking lot at the motel still using their internet access. Woo Hoo! At least my simple mind won't be bored for a while at least.


John said...

Yay free Internet!

"This is usually an indication that things aren't good."

Kinda like my airbag deployment last month indicated that things weren't good?

"I'm a little unclear on this whole good/bad thing." -Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

Jeffro said...

Kinda like my airbag deployment last month indicated that things weren't good?

Heh. Yeah, pretty much! Just not as painful for me. My boss would not see this as a painless situation.....

Sezme said...

Hope everything worked out ok.

Bob's Blog said...

glad to know you are back on the road, and glad to have you up here in God's country.