Thursday, May 29, 2008


This was taken on SD79 not too far from the North Dakota Line. I think we are looking at the Adam and Eve Butte. I was somewhat preoccupied when I took the second picture. That curve coming up was a lot closer than it looks, and I was running about seventy. The road ran up into a split between the buttes, and was almost a mini mountain pass.

I don't take pictures while driving very often - some of the scenery is on some pretty busy roads. Here, not so much. I had to run SD79 from Sturgis into North Dakota. There was not very much traffic, to say the least.


Jerry in Texas said...

Did some girl say to you, "Show me your buttes?". I don't think this is what they had in mind.

The last time I tried to run a camera while driving, I ran into a fence post. Be careful out there!

Jeffro said...

Heh. Notice how I didn't say the road ran up a crack between the buttes.

threecollie said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Sezme said...

Pretty BUTTEful. HA!

If I take a picture while driving, I just point and click. I don't look at the shot I'm taking. I figure if it is in my view, it will be in the camera's view.


This country is so pretty.

Jeffro said...

The Sturgis bike rally is a pain in the butt for us - all we want to do is pass through with wide loads. Nineteen million tons of bikes kinda makes that difficult. If it rains, then the shoulders of the interstate are clogged. Wide loads kinda need those shoulders to hang over, unless we take both lanes. Plus, there are no motel rooms for a hundred miles. So we either stop way too early or drive way too far and lie on our log books.

The whole thing just makes us cranky.

Kathy B. said...

Hey - haven't stopped by in awhile - you are a great writer. Some interesting stuff! glad you are doing well Jeff! Kathy