Friday, May 02, 2008

And This Is a Problem?

Yeah, Mike Peters is trying to paint gun owners in a bad light (now there's a shocker). I have no doubt he is fully aware of "The Four Rules" and his depiction of people carrying guns is to show they are ignorant, right? Or maybe he's just an ignorant liberal editorial cartoonist who doesn't have a clue. Well, gee, that's a tough one right there. Not.


Earl said...

I also noticed that none of his characters are pretty, young and sexy -- and I guess that he is the fellow with the strange thought in the right corner... just guessing.

ptg said...

On its face, "Bring a Handgun to Work Day" doesn't sound like a bad idea. Like adult "Show & Tell". But these cartoon clowns need some handgun safety lessons!
I'm guessing Peters is not so much clueless as deliberately depicting what I presume to be legally armed folks as dangerous idiots.