Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I decorated the family graves today.

There is a small flower to the left of the red and blue arrangement I put in - it is just under the left red flower. I don't know who puts the single flower on Dad's grave every year. I have an idea, but I'm not sure. Whoever it is gets there long before I do.

One of the decisions I had to make when Dad died was the headstone. He didn't leave a will or any indication what he wanted. I had the choice of the copper headstone you see there or a marble one. I liked the copper look, but I didn't consider that it wouldn't match the marble headstones of his parents. Oh well.

Grandpa was also a veteran. He died before I was born.

My grandmother's grave.

Just looking around at all the decorations. The ol' cemetery looked pretty good. I should buy some flags for Dad and Grandpa next time. I like the way they look out in the breeze.


Earl said...

Thanks for going, and sharing.

nora leona said...

The perfect Memorial Day activity.

Anonymous said...

I wish Wyoming wasn't so far during times like Memorial Day. I have grandparents and a sister buried in Cimarron's cemetery.

Ted's dad passed away last summer and his sister and mom were able to go back to Dodge to decorate the grave this past week. Ted probably would have ran down to Denver to go to KS with them, but with the price of gas ... well, 'nuff said.