Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seen On Site

Remind me to start carrying a real camera instead of the grainy cell phone....

Sometimes, when we go to a site to unload our tanks, we see things unusual. We went to a water reclamation site last week that also was an elk feeding operation. If my cell camera was better, you'd see the velvet on the antlers and the raggedy winter coat gradually sloughing off these bulls. There was a runway between their pen and us, and curiosity overcame them - they had to bunch up on their side of the fence to check us out. I'm sure they were hoping we'd feed them some sort of goody. Heh.

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.


Earl said...

Totally unplanned for by the elk and the photographer - grainy picture and description are wonderful, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very informative, I had no idea. They are quite beautiful.

Hope you are continuing to feel well.