Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot Time in the Ol' State Tonight

For the second night, northwestern Kansas has been getting nailed. As in tornados and hail. I had to go to the Greeley CO area, and on the way back to Kansas, I started hearing about all the fun. Apparently east of Oakley KS on I70 a twister crossed and caused a major pileup, and possibly people killed. There were three separate areas going at once - around Gove and Dighton, Leoti and north of I70 in the Studley (yep, there is a Studley KS) area. The stuff in the Leoti area could find me here in Colby. I was nearly out of hours and decided to park it for the evening.

Plus the town of Ellis on I70 just west of Hays got hit - at least one building destroyed. And Greensburg - like they need another round of this - has one just east of town at the moment.

All I had to do was drive through some blinding rain and heavy winds. It was raining mud where dirt was blowing in the Deer Trail CO area, but it all got rinsed of rather well later on. Colorado DOT had their wind warnings posted on the electric message boards.

Oh, and everything is just peachy at home - just under a severe thunderstorm warning with winds up to 70mph and golf ball sized hail. The storm is moving to the east at close to sixty miles an hour.

I'll be glad when this all dies down.


threecollie said...

That is just scary...I feel so sorry that the weather is treating you and your neighbors so badly. Tornadoes are fairly rare up here, but they are just so unimaginably horrible when they do come. I hope it does die down soon.

Sezme said...

This has been a really bad spring. June is coming. :)

Bob's Blog said...

I'm glad you're dodging them.

There sure is a lot of talk on conservative talk radio about the bloated farm bill. What is your position on it now?

Jeffro said...

Bob - I just don't know enough about it other than a few quick impressions. I've heard that the disaster payments would be keyed to the market that exists now - so high prices will be locked in. Good for us farmers, bad for taxpayers. Plus, as is usual for most bills, there are a slew of additions that make me ask what? Like the depreciation of racehorses. Huh? What if I want to race cars at the local dirt track? Can I depreciate my racecar too?

But, I'm depending on what I hear about the thing - I have not read it, nor is it likely I will. I'm not sure I have the comprehension capable of understanding the mess.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit, you are showing the part of KS I do not miss. Our location in WY is apparently tornado free. Well, at least it has been for the last 6 years we've been here. :)