Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kansas On My Mind

No, not the state - even though we're covered in snow. No, not the KU basketball team, even though I did see them win a squeaker last night over the OSU Cowboys in a double overtime. Nope, been thinking about the rock group.


This is from their second album Masque. I'd say they had the rock ballad pretty well down by this point.

Early in the morning sunlight Soaring on the wings of dawn Here I'll live and die with my wings in the sky 

And I won't come down no more

Higher than a bird I'm flying Crimson skies of ice and fire 

Borne on wings of steel, I have so much to feel 

And I won't come down no more

Sail on, sail on I will rise each day to meet the dawn 

So high, so high I've climbed the mountains of the sky

Without my wings You know, I'd surely die 

I found my freedom flying high I've climbed the mountains of the sky

 Floating on a cloud of amber 

Searching for the rainbow's end Earth so far below me, I'm here alone 

Free, I can't come down no more
Y'all can keep yer rap. Don't need it none hyar.


jed said...

FWIW, I prefer Masque to Leftoverture. Point of Know Return was a definite step down from both of those, and where I lost interest.

Icarus is easily the best track, but it's followed very closely by Two Cent's Worth.

I haven't spent any time getting to know their eponymous album. Seems to be always something else in the musical hopper.

Jeffro said...

I had it - on vinyl and cd.......

Anonymous said...

Never heard it before. cool! I should learn it and do a cowboy, slower quieter version!

Unknown said...

Allie and I love "Point of No Return" and "Carry on My Wayward Son," which have become anthems for the Winchester boys on the TV show "Supernatural" (love them boys!). Jeff, FYI, my Dad has been hospitalized a few times in recent week or so and is declining. Jenny and I are traveling to Mich. tomorrow to help Mom with decisions about his care and sort out the financial impacts, etc. XXXOOO

Jeffro said...

Thanks for the comment, Amy!

Yeah, your mother has been keeping Sis and I updated. Hate that it's coming down to this for y'all. Positive karma from me, if that helps....