Monday, February 11, 2013

Just An Idle Thought

All of us Second Amendment types really wonder what would happen if "they" came for our guns - how many would resist and shoot back, what would happen, how the police and military would handle it, and on and on and on.

I gotta tell ya though, the thought occurs to me if one guy can make the LAPD go completely chicken with their heads cut off, trying to kill innocent citizens without following due process, and just being general failures at their jobs because they have lost their heads, what would it be like if thousands of bitter religion clinging gun bigots across the nation started doing the exact same thing?

I must note that I do NOT condone anything Christopher Dorner Jordan has done. Going after the daughter of the person he felt wronged him is reprehensible. He is on a vendetta for revenge, not trying to defend his rights. Big difference.


David said...

I hope they try those cops that shot up those mail carriers for attempted murder and string them up by the balls. Their actions have only succeeded in making them look like the incompetent buffoons that Mr. Dorner claims they are and given a murderous nutcase legitimacy in the eyes of the not-so-well informed.

Anonymous said...

What's more, he is against gun rights for everybody else - see post @Roberta.