Monday, February 25, 2013

F@%^ing Crooks

We keep hearing about the "sequestration" in the news, and of course the press is all over it. It's the Republican's fault - even though Obama agreed to the set up back in 2011 with the Budget Control Act of 2011. And the press breathlessly informs us about how essential services will be cut, people laid off, jobs in jeopardy, in short, it's the end of the world as we know it.

For about 2.4% of a spending cut? Are you freaking kidding me? Every government agency that cries wolf about this ought to have their leadership fired, right now. How many businesses can find five percent to cut easily and without hurting their production, services or whatever? How freaking hard is that? Yannow, maybe, just maybe, a .gov employee on the road might be able to stay at a Comfort Inn rather than at the Hilton or the Hampton Inn? Or perhaps slow that .gov set of wheels down from 15+ over the limit down to the speed limit and save some gas?

There are so many places where waste and profligate spending could be curtailed - what??? Do they need the private sector to come in and give 'em all a dose of salts?

And while we're at it, boy, aren't the Republicans being sooooo brave and all, trying to cut a whopping 2.4%. Whee. What rebels they are. Why, keep that up and we'll slip into bankruptcy twenty minutes later! Yeah! What savings! What terrible personal sacrifices! What is Congress and the White House willing to cut from their expenses? Maybe Pelosi can take personal trips using commercial aircraft these days? Maybe Michelle can keep her butt at home for a couple months before venturing out on her personal time? Perhaps the Congresspeople out there can cut back from three martinis for lunch down to two?

Sorry, just lost my mind for a second.


thereoughttobeatest said...

Whoa! Easy there big fella. :)

Jeffro said...

Heh. You could say that the state of my bowels would be "Uproar."

Jeffro said...

Oh, and since I don't watch the Oscars, I missed out on how Michelle handed out the big award Sunday. I'm sure us taxpayers weren't on the hook for a dime of the expenses involved there. Not at all. And pigs have wings.

Anonymous said...

And while she is seating on her butt in her living room (paid for by her subjects) someone should limit her self-admiration cult to watching her new bangs in the mirror, instead of national TV and/or Oscars

lisa said...

Don't ya just love her new hairdo! Just gotta love our old President, and not only that, we don't have money so lets just let all criminals out of prison along with all the illegal immigrants!

Bob's Blog said...

Well said!