Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The View

From the front porch of my temporary abode. If you like open spaces and cattle, this is the place.

Looking west. When I first stepped out, I had a cadre of calves who's curiosity overcame them and they lined the fence checking me out. Even the one out by the cow in the foreground was walking this way. One of the calves bawled out in a remarkable baritone, and that got a cow from the yard directly in front walking over. She looked the bunch all over, looked at me, and tossing her head, snorted rather derisively, if I do say so myself.


She just kept right on plodding along - I'm sure she was walking around the back side of the place to go to water, and the calves fell in behind her. Of course I had been talking to the calves, which seemed to prompt the big bellow from the little feller.
Whatcha lookin' at? You lookin' at me? Well, are ya?
Perhaps I've been out here too long.

Looking east at the pens - already drinking up that water! The float seems to be always down - it rarely gets caught up. I can hear the water running most of the time. Those cows really suck the tank down. The horses off to the right are a little more self service - and are in a separate pasture entirely.

Looking straight south. Not much to see or to slow down the south winds. Not much in the way of anything to the north, either.

It looks like the place in town oughtta be ready by the end of the week - with the new tile and flooring plus me moving stuff in. I'm trying even as we speak to get satellite tv, phone and innertubes scheduled. I'm sure hoping I can get all of that in this week - I need to get back to work.

I really do like it out here, but wow - it's just too far for my gas budget. Cimarron is about another fifteen miles away over the twelve I'm used to. Garden and Dodge are also further away. Jetmore, on the other hand, is far closer. Not that I have anything against Jetmore, but being closer to there is not high on my wish list.

So, I'm amassing a supply of items I need. Went to swat a fly the other day, and here in Cowboy Man Cave there were no fly swatters. Seems like I do not possess any, either, these days. So much crap, and I won't remember it until I need to use what I do not have.

But, it's just stuff, and it just costs money. Heh.


drjim said...

Hang in there, buddy!

Nursejoan said...

"One foot forward & keep on keeping on." We of the boomer gen have the guts & grit to wade through the shit.
Keep smiling & blogging!