Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teeth Gritting Determination

Yes, I'm sure if we all grit our teeth and show real determination, everything will be OK and we'll win the game.

Poor good ol' Charlie Brown!


lisa said...

Defiantly grit our teeth, oh yeah I am ;)

Earl said...

Well, it worked for three of his players, they all got on base. His flaw or weakness - he didn't believe in himself. Should have relaxed, paid attention and played the pitches as they came.

We don't all have to grit our teeth. Some of us don't have any... teeth, but lots of grit. Play ball!

Dad Bones said...

I was a good batter in my Iowa barnyard but when I showed up for a little league game my teeth started chattering like a loose tappet. I could have used Charlie's advice.