Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Was Interesting

Well, to me anyways. My posts about my home fire were linked by several prominent bloggers in the past couple weeks, and it's been interesting to compare statistics considering the traffic potential they bring when they do link.

Just for the record, I posted about finding out about my house on the 26th. On the 27th of June threecollie of Northview Diary and GBBL of the Gunblog Blacklist both passed on my predicament, as did drjim of Every Blade of Grass as did Jinglebob (Robert Dennis) of Dennisranch's Weblog.

On the fourth, my old internet friend The Anarchangel posted in the Guncounter forum.

Then on the fifth, Tam of View From the Porch mentioned me in a post, along with Bobbi of The Adventures of Roberta X - who owns the house where she and Tam reside. Og noticed at Neanderpundit. Also, my buddy Bog Agard of Bob's Blog started working on having The Instapundit link me. Professor Reynolds wanted me to put up a Paypal link first - so it took me some time to get that set up, since I was back at work. He linked me on the 18th.

I hope I remembered everyone and their roles - if I missed someone, let me know - I plead being a tad distracted.

Anyhoo, it was interesting to compare traffic during these times, because the initial rush did have more people linking me, but the second rush was from the Instapundit. I'd never gotten an "Instalanche" before - the resulting crush of traffic a link from him generates. I had, however, gotten a "Tamalanche" in the past. So, who brought me the most traffic?

This is what Sitemeter says. This is also distinct visits. The gun blogosphere sorta blew Insty outta here.

And thus we have the tale from Google - in pageviews, not distinct visits, so this stat is higher than what Sitemeter was tracking.

The complete tale of traffic sources:

I got significant traffic from other iterations of Tam's blog as well - different variations on the addy of her post.

I found all this somewhat odd because I'd always understood that an Instalanche was generally overwhelming. In this particular case, I'd say the gunblogging community won, if this was a contest.

So, I thank you all. It's been a hell of way to generate traffic, and frankly, I'll be glad to be a little less notorious, thank you very much!

Edited to add: Jed tells me Kevin linked me as well, and I missed it. I don't comment much on his site, but I do have him in my Google Reader and try to keep up. He's one of the bloggers I've actually met - at a big blogmeet in honor of 9/11 in Plano, TX - at the du Toit place so many moons ago. Hell of a nice guy, and a freaking genius to boot. I do have certain debating skilz, but I'd surely detest the thought of going against Kevin - he's formidable, thorough and meticulous in his arguments.


jed said...

Mornin' Jeffro. Just thought I'd mention Kevin. Kind of surprised he's not prominent in your referrer logs, because his readership is huge.

Lisa Paul said...

Jeez, I step away from blogs for a few weeks and the Poor Farm burns down. Then you are spinning (burnt) straw into gold and talking about a jump in blog stats. Either you are the ultimate blogger or you are the personification of that pioneer spirit that kept on keeping on no matter dust, locusts, Indian attacks or prairie fires. Probably both. Now I'm delving into your archives to get the whole story. My best to you.

Bob's Blog said...

I just wish the Instapundit referral would not have had the "I don't know him" qualification. I do understand why he feels the need to be careful, and he and his wife are very good people. He obviously does not know me or you, and that was reflected in his lukewarm referral.

Jeffro said...

Dang, Jed - I didn't know he had linked me. I've got Kevin in my Reader, and actually met him at a blogmeet many moons ago in Plano, TX at the du Toit's. Hell of a nice guy, and a freaking genius besides. I sure didn't see him in the logs on the higher end, at any rate.

Lisa: I think you have been spreading "plant nutrients" too much lately, If You Know What I Mean And I Think That You Do! ;)

Bob - Hey, whatever - he did refer to me in the end, and he tossed some money into the kitty. I certainly appreciate your efforts to get him to link me. People from his site gave me close to four hundred bucks, and that beats the crap outta a sharp stick in the eye. I just thought it was amusing that Tam's traffic pretty well blew his outta the water in this case. I'm grateful to both of them, among so many others.

Lisa Paul said...

I don't have horses yet, so I can't spread manure. Just spray lightly with compost tea...

Tam said...

I just transferred the donations that people paypaled to me over to your paypal. (Plus a couple bucks to make it a round number.)

Hope it helps, Jeffro. Keep on keepin' on!

Jeffro said...

This is me bowing in your general direction!

Thanks for everything, Tam.