Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Challenge YOU, Pat Oliphant

Go ahead. Just try to order guns online. Try real hard, as in call up the company and chew their butts when you find that option is actually not available to anyone but federal firearms license holders. See how far that gets you, and how many cops you can attract.

Oliphant is funny at times, but if he knew what he was talking about, he might actually be something. Kinda calls his previous works into question, no? If ignorance truly is bliss, Pat Oliphant is one happy man.


drjim said...

That's the problem with most of these people....they DON'T know what they're talking about.
And yet since they have the public forum of a newspaper, TV or radio station, the sheeple just continue to believe it.
BTW....thanks for the thank you card!

BrbdWyr said...

I don't follow your post, Jeffro. I can (and do) order firearms and ammo online often. I am not an FFL holder, but I do have to ship the firearms to my local FFL'd gun store so they can do the BG check.

Ammo is shipped right to my door. UPS guy is not amused with those heavy crates.

Am I missing the point here?

Jeffro said...

You cannot order firearms on the internet like Oliphant is portraying. Unless you are a FFL or Curio and Relic license holder - which is still a form of a FFL. Not to mention all the extra hoops it takes to buy a fully automatic firearm.

BrbdWyr said...

Paint me a different picture, but I don't see where the 'toon is portraying what you say. Yes you can order firearms on the innerwebs, and yes, the sellers may be fat bald guys in the need of a shave.

Fully auto? No mention of that in this sketch.

I'm not tryin to argue, but I've got a real good handle on the law. Maybe I just don't see where you are coming from.

Jeffro said...

OK. The guy on the left says; "What do we do about this online order for 6000 rounds of ammo, an assault rifle, an automatic handgun, and a shotgun?"

So, the order was for ammo (legal) an assault rifle (not unless you are a FFL, as I said before), an automatic handgun (as opposed to a SEMI auto handgun, which YOU STILL CAN NOT ORDER OVER THE INTERNET), and a shotgun (Average Joe still cannot order the thing).

The only thing an average citizen CAN legally order online, or mail order, or over the phone, is the AMMUNITION.

My point is that this portrayal is false - just because one can order ammo online, it does not follow that the weapons can be ordered as well. Words matter, too, because if you really want an "assault rifle," you are going to want a fully auto version. The semi-auto clones available to the average Joe are NOT true assault weapons.

Neither of which you can order online!!!!

While you or I can actually pay online for orders for weapons, the guns are not going to ship to us, because we HAVE to use a FFL as an intermediary who receives the guns and processes the 4473s necessary for the LEGAL transfer of said weapons. In fact this order might be a representative sample of what a gun dealer might order - and order online, but ONCE AGAIN, must be a FFL. Not a deranged nut from Colorado - who did order some of his ammo and accessories online. He had to purchase his guns IN PERSON and fill out 4473s to get them.

So, yeah, you can order ammo online, or slings, or magazines, or scopes, or about any other accessory - but you CAN'T order a gun online.

Just try to order guns online without using a FFL and see how far you get!!!

BrbdWyr said...

Wow. Please read my first comment. The one were I said "I have to ship the firearms to my local FFL'd gun store so they can do the background check (and transfer)."

Every transaction I've made via the internet uses my local gun shop and his FFL as the required intermediary to handle the legal end. There is a small fee to him for his time. Perfectly legal.

I don't want to see your interpretation of a silly cartoon put you in the same light at the MSM.

Jeffro said...

Well geez. It's called "reading comprehension." I obviously don't have it. Sorry about that, hope you'll forgive me for being an ass. I have no idea how I missed that part of your statement.

My take on the cartoon was that (to me) it portrayed someone ordering firearms directly online, which we both know can't be done. No mention was made about using a FFL, and Oliphant also described guns that fall under Class 3 rules. The whole cartoon was set up to make it appear that one could order guns online with no government intervention.

Or not, maybe the characters covered that in the next panel, or something.

BrbdWyr said...

I figured you mis-read. No harm done.

I felt point of the 'toon was an attempt to put the onus on the LGS owner to be responsible for the buyer's actions. And that's asinine. It's not the seller's responsibility to determine if the buyer is nuts. That's what the NICS system was designed to do, and we see how well that works.

Sportsmen ('round these parts) knows that "auto", when referring to a firearms, means semi-auto. Remi's 1100 is commonly referred to as an auto. Browning's BAR is marketed as an auto, hence the name. So I didn't even think twice about how it was worded in the sketch.

NotClauswitz said...

Oliphant is a long-time professional prig, twit, liar, jerk, sexist, racist, bigot and first-class Lefty know-nothing. He's a predictable demagogue - and originally an Australian. All his targets are the easy low-hanging fruit of Leftist strawmen - and when I was an idiot Lefty I loved him.