Thursday, July 05, 2012

The "New" Temporary Digs

This is the Wright place I've been mentioning. It's probably ten or so years newer than my old joint, and it's really in pretty good shape. Central heat and air, the hallway still has wood floors, and it has the advantage of being out in the middle of nowhere beyond where I was.


The place sets off the road a bit, so trucks and other vehicles driving by don't disturb. Pretty private, really.

Coming up the drive.

Mama and two babies in the lot.

Google's aerial view.

The neighbors have their "best" cattle here - purebred Angus cows. They've been experimenting with some AI as well. These cows are not used to me or much of anyone at all. I get a kick outta watching them watch me. I'll be doing something outside and feel eyes on me, and there will be a cow or three peering from behind the garage or some bales with a major look of distrust. If they had arms and standing on two legs, their hands would be on their hips with the elbows out, giving me the "what the hell do you think YOU'RE doing?" look.

The calves don't care, and the two horses are bored. I think I'll avoid crossing the barbed wire just in case - I'm a big guy, but those cows dwarf me. Just. In. Case.

The rental in Cimarron should have the new tile installed by Monday, and my legion of volunteers should be ready to move stuff in and out of the way of the installers Saturday. I won't be out here very long. If it weren't further away from anything than I was used to, I'd sure consider staying here. The place definitely has it's charms. I'm probably fifteen miles further from work, Cimarron and Dodge City respectively.

I am totally blown away by the response the community has had towards me. I fell right into the bosom of my small town, who has welcomed me. And I'm getting help from the online community as well.

Y'all rawk.


threecollie said...

Nice spot...and aren't folks great? when the boss had an emergency appendectomy and couldn't work, leaving me and small children and his 83-year-old mom to run the whole place I was stunned by how people stepped up to help. It was humbling.


So far in life, I've been the one helping, how I hope there will be someone to lend a hand when I need it...the odds aren't too great. Just statin' facts. I'm glad you found the reverse to be true!

Tam said...

Glad you've got stuff coming together.

Those views give me a hankerin' for the High Plains. :)

lisa said...

Nice place you got there. I have to agree with threecollie, people can be so nice and helpful and understanding when the chips are down and you need their help the most.

Roberta X said...

Oh, man -- I'm glad people have been able to help out, and so sad you've had to need it.

SteveK said...

Hi Jeff. That looks like a good, comfortable place to stay even if it's only temporary. I hope everything works out OK with the new place in Cimarron and your move-in in a week or so goes well. It's really neat that you've gotten so much support from the community! Take care, Cousin Steve

Laura said...

Good on you and your nabes.

As you may know, my mom had a large beef farm and our Angus where always kept in the "back 100" as we called it- the farhest away from the house because they are such good mothers.

Anyway, again, let me know if there's anything I can do.