Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Business Expert Speaks Out

Yup, he really did say that. I'll agree that having help, well, helps, but wow. So many successful bootstrap stories where the owner was the only employee and put in endless hours without any help at all exist. Others have hired help, but you and I know that the help does not have the incentive to succeed nor the willingness to sacrifice to win. At any rate, belittling business owners for their dedication to success is hardly the hallmark of our national Leader. What a buffoon.

Of course, Facebook is loaded with parody images - putting the ones I collected under the fold:

That's right, ol' Walt had a bunch of choom smokin' dudes drawing for him.

Of course, Ray Kroc had all those minimum wage workers doin' it all.

The chickens didn't cross the road all by themselves.

I'd bet if Henry were around, he'd bitch slap this idiot. I often wonder which is worse - when this President actually read his teleprompter, or strays from the script. Either way, it's a lose/lose proposition.

Aaand, an update - jed posted a link to a site that just sprang up with quite a collection of demotivational style pics on this very subject: http://didntbuildthat.com/


Jena G said...

Whoa.... what an ASSHAT. I agree with your words.

jed said...

See also http://didntbuildthat.com/

Jeffro said...

Just saw that a little while ago, Jed! Needed to update this post, which I will do now - very comprehensive collection!

drjim said...

If there was ever ANY doubt that this poser is a moron/buffoon/idiot/whatever, saying what he did removed it!

Dad Bones said...

He's always been saying such things, e.g. I didn't screw up the economy. Somebody else did that.