Sunday, April 01, 2012

I Missed It Yesterday

Well, I didn't put anything up here anyways. Yesterday was when we were all supposed to observe Earth Hour, where we are all supposed to shut off all our lights at 8:30 pm to save the planet, show solidarity or something. I dunno, if I light a candle and all the households in the world do it too, wouldn't that be a net loss in savings of pollution? Just sayin.'

Some on the right feel it's necessary to conspicuously consume as much energy and be as wasteful as possible as an ironic counterpoint. I don't feel like bothering to care that much. I know I'm not going to by bicycling to work much in the future unless my boss likes me taking all day to get there. Probably not gonna have .gov subsidized mass transit stopping at my front door. I'm probably not gonna give up electricity - seems like my life revolves around electrical devices like refrigerators these days. Since I'm at work for days at a time, I just don't have the time to grow my own garden and smoke my own meat I hunted myself. Besides, deer season is over, which means game wardens wouldn't look kindly upon me stocking up. I guess I could always hunt the nabe's cattle, but somehow I suspect they wouldn't like that so much. Those same cattle pretty well drink up the water from the windmill in my back yard, so normal household water usage from the wind is right out as well.

So, it's a life of Earth f*&#%ing for moi.

But, I couldn't let the occasion pass completely unnoticed. Here is a clip from the late great George Carlin on environmentalism. Remember, this is George Carlin, so expect his language to be NSFW.



Dad Bones said...

Thanks Jeffro. It's always good to see that one again.

Jeffro said...

np, DB!!!

drjim said...

Never saw that one before.