Sunday, April 22, 2012


I've harped before about how we are dancing in the streets for regaining a modicum of gun rights while our other rights are being eroded. Just another example here.

Mandatory ‘Big Brother’ Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015

A bill already passed by the Senate and set to be rubber stamped by the House would make it mandatory for all new cars in the United States to be fitted with black box data recorders from 2015 onwards.
Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 (known as MAP-21), calls for “Mandatory Event Data Recorders” to be installed in all new automobiles and legislates for civil penalties to be imposed against individuals for failing to do so.
“Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall revise part 563 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to require, beginning with model year 2015, that new passenger motor vehicles sold in the United States be equipped with an event data recorder that meets the requirements under that part,” states the bill.
Although the text of legislation states that such data would remain the property of the owner of the vehicle, the government would have the power to access it in a number of circumstances, including by court order, if the owner consents to make it available, and pursuant to an investigation or inspection conducted by the Secretary of Transportation.
Well, alrighty then!

Well, we don't want drunks to be driving, do we? Why not add a mini breathalyzer as an ignition interlock that communicates with the ol' black box? After all, It's For The Children©. Howzabout some facial recognition systems to make sure you are who you are? Prevent theft and all, ya know. And since we're allowing the .gov access in a number of circumstances, let's let the IRS and the various state tax agencies check in on ya. Make sure you don't owe anything, or ya can't drive, not even to work. And the DHS and other LEOs in case there are outstanding arrest records on ya - cuz there's no way that could be abused. Oh, wait.

Just a thought: What good will worrying about open carry do for you if Skynet improperly tags you as a felon for speeding through a school zone? Probably worse than what Flo with Progressive is gonna do for your insurance rates. Just remember, computers do not lie.


drjim said...

Time for some aluminum foil over the GPS antennas!

Jeffro said...

I'm sure there will be a law against that!