Monday, April 23, 2012

Cost of Trucking

Thought this was interesting. Calling the tractor unit a "cab" is misleading - like calling a gun "bullet." The cab is a component of the tractor unit. But that's nitpicking. Oh, and I don't contribute much to the coffee consumption. I'm an iced tea guy.

H/T Easy Lift Equipment via Autoblog

Edited to add:

Samuel Barradas of The Trucker's Report contacted me to let me know I didn't attribute the origin of this graphic - something I couldn't find originally. He asked me to post this link as well, to point to his site, which of course I am doing!


karvsmith said...
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drjim said...

And I remember when Diesel was selling for less than regular gas, around 20 cents/gallon.
Now it's up there with premium gas!

Anonymous said...

that cost is way to low, but interesting. thanks tb

Jess said...

When you continue to crunch the numbers, you find that almost $10,000 is confiscated in fuel taxes alone. And some politicians are bitching about profits. I don't know what else these taxing entities can call getting paid for doing nothing.