Monday, April 30, 2012

I Hereby Serve Notice

It it's really foggy out in the daylight, just because you can see does not mean others can see you, moron. If I were king of the Highway Patrol, you'd be walking if you demonstrate your stupidity in such a fashion.

On a side note, when some LEO tells me his job is all about safety, then I have to ask about people like the above. The powers that be are more interested in revenue gained from ticky tacky fines easily assessed.

And then, if you pull out directly in front of me in a truck, and I chew your ass for it as I pass you - that does NOT mean I am a stupid SOB nor am I a pussy. Making up faults about my character does not absolve you of your idiocy and reckless behavior. Then if you tell me you're gonna pass me right back, then do it, Mr. Horsepower. Otherwise, take your ass chewing and resolve to do better in the future.

One of the joys of hauling oversize is that most people think we run at a slower velocity than we actually do. Heavy haulers do, but we don't. Thus, people pull out in front of us in dangerous situations in order to not be trapped behind us. So, when they find out we're a hell of a lot lighter than 80k and can blow their doors, they are shocked. Get over it, and don't risk a collision because you underestimated our cruising speed. I shouldn't have to burn off ten thousand miles worth of brake linings to keep from running over your dumb, impatient ass.

That is all, and yes, I do feel better. Thank you so very much.


BrbdWyr said...

I am your choir, you are my preacher.

Jeffro said...


Jess said...

When I was a child, my mother would tell me tractor trailers can stop faster than a passenger car.

I believed this for years, until I had to drive an old tank truck combination from a local pond to the jobsite to furnish water for the road work.

Do they stop on a dime? Hell no. They stop fast, but not as fast a passenger car and the load is a constant reminder that physics win over opinion every time.

Jeffro said...

Most of the time the idea is to come out ahead of me in the race to the next something, so they will win something or other, or save three seconds by cutting me off. Because it's really a race, and they can't live with the idea of coming in behind a truck, no matter if it might run over them.

The fear that I might actually pass some makes them speed up considerably, until they forget about the idea that I caught them in the first place, and a slower velocity will find them at their bumper. It is like my bumper has a magnetic force that repels slow cars that are afraid I'll slow them down. Rinse and repeat, and so on....

jed said...

Tangential, but you did say, Mr. Horsepower. And I happened to have just read that.

I don't give a bleeding sphincter fold if a truck, or someone else, passes me. Just as long as they fuckin' actually pass. Actually, the same goes for any other maneuver. Get on with it!

Though, I suppose, that when 75 years old I am, more hesitant in my driving will I be too.

Except it ain't just old folks.