Tuesday, July 06, 2010

OMG!!! What Does It Meeeeeeeeeaaaaaan!


Maybe, just maybe, perhaps - it just might mean he's peaking on some reeeaaaaaaaally primo Vitamin A with a bit o' Marin County's finest thrown in. Duuuude! Have a beer and slow down! Eat a Twinkie!

H/T Ace


Anonymous said...

I used to get that stoned.

Lisa Paul said...

I'm told by people out here who know that Marin isn't growing anything that strong these days. Looks to me like this is up around the Lost Coast above Mendocino which is one of the US's prime "herb" growing areas.

Jeffro said...

Laura: Aahhh, good ol' Vitamin A. I'm not sure there's money enough in the world to get me to take a couple hits of quality blotter. Well, there is, but no one's gonna pay it.

I'm too old and cranky for that crap.

Lisa: I was just being snarky - it's been almost twenty five years, and things have changed. Back then it was all "Wow, I got some Columbian" when it was really just Mexican. Nowadays, it's someones pet hydroponic project and costs about ten times as much, with thirteen dozen times the potency. Again, not for this fat boy no more, not even considering the random urinalysis that I gotta do.

But I can still spot a stoner - slipping in the Kwik Shop late at night, glassy downcast eyes, quiet if alone, raucous if in a group, and buying Zig Zags.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Well then....if today's herbal essence makes me sob and piss myself, then it ain't fer me. The stuff we had made ya giggle and eat a shit load of Arby's curly fries. And giggle. No OMG. No deep thoughts. No sobbing. Just hehehehehehehe. Currrrrrly fries. Hehehehehehe.

Jeffro said...

CVPH - and it was fun! For a while, anyways.

We did the onion rings at Sonic thang, too. If you weren't too hungry, one could test one's skills at shooting ringers on the car antennae.