Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eastbound and Down


This clip is really hilarious when you consider the current relationship between the drivers represented by their haulers - Carl Edwards in the 99, and Brad Keselowski in the 12. To say they have a rivalry would be an understatement. Maybe y'all remember hearing about the Atlanta race last year, when Edwards, upset by previous contact by Keselowski, deliberately took Brad out after spending 150 laps in the pits getting repairs (to gain points, which he sort of squandered right there). Carl got a three race suspension for that move, which sent Brad airborne, luckily without injuries (clearly it rang his bell). To be fair, Brad sent Carl airborne into the catch fence at Talledega - but it was racing for the win rather than revenge.

Then last week at Gateway in the Nationwide series, Carl spun Brad out, totaling Brad's car and several others as well. Brad had given Carl the "chrome horn" earlier in the lap - but he didn't knock Carl out. Believe me when I tell you that NASCAR talk radio was abuzz for several days over this controversy, even after Carl was fined points and money, plus put on probation for all NASCAR events for the rest of the year, and Brad on identical probation. Just about all the major players felt Carl took Brad out intentionally, and that his actions weren't just retaliation - it was escalation.

Well, you can see how I feel about the issue. Brad and Carl aren't afraid to mix it up, but Brad has shown restraint and better judgment. The general consensus is that it's ok to bump someone just enough to move 'em outta the way - but to put them into the wall - destroying their cars and several competitors behind the melee who had nothing to do with any of their problems is going too far.

So, when I saw this ESPN commercial - I had to laugh. It's beyond certain that this controversy is selling tickets and television time.

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Mo K said...

I saw it for the first time during the Sprint Cup this afternoon.
Too funny!!