Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Totally Ripping This Off

Chris - the Anarchangel - posted this today and I concur mightily:
Dawn Wells was WAY hotter than Tina Louise

Yes, she was. Something about all that girl next door in a midriff baring shirt and hot pants look made her seem far more accessible than the slinky evening gown wearing eye candy for millionaires. Not that you or me would get anywhere with her - but she'd at least talk to us. Ginger would require viewing your credit rating and cash balances. Then, if you passed that inspection, you might get to home plate.

Next up: Wilma or Betty? Marge Simpson or Peggy Hill? Betty or Veronica? Jane or Judy Jetson? Samantha Stephens or Jeannie?

To hell with shaving the whales or whirled peas, or even the latest crap from Washington, D.C. - this is what's bothering me. The ol' brain has finally turned to sludge, just like they like it.


LeeAnn said...


They just seem to have unplumbed depths, with saucy hints of "look in the bedside table drawer, stud" about them.

Jeffro said...

I find myself totally unable to argue with that thinking. Heh.

Anonymous said...

BOTH! (separately)

Jeffro said...

BOTH! (separately)

Frankly, together would be a Good Thing as well.

CGHill said...

Judy Jetson seems, um, a tad underage.

WV: "sucksh". It is definitely that.

Jeffro said...

At the time I first thought Judy Jetson was pretty hot, she was an "older woman."

Mo K said...

Another reason to move to Idyho!