Monday, July 05, 2010

More Power!!!

Bwaaa haaa haaa haaa haaa!

From TTAC (the pic, too):
78 liters of displacement, 18 cylinders, 12 turbocharges(sp) and a tame 3,500 hp and 10,300 lb-ft of torque make for one mean Mini. Well, it would if it actually worked. Instead, this will probably just be on static display at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Fun fact: the engine alone weighs about 15 times what an original Mini did.
Of course this thing is just for static display - it's obviously a shell of a stretched Mini built around the motor:

pic credit

There are none of the associated systems to allow this thing to even move present - such as a radiator or transmission. I suspect the tires would blow out if they had to bear that weight. It sure looks cool, though.

This motor is designed to power the big mining dump trucks

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Well, maybe not quite like that one. But ya get the idea. Just for reference, the C15 Cat in my truck is 15.1L, six cylinders, two turbos and 550hp. This thing would no more fit under the hood of my truck as it fits the "bed" of the Mini. Damn.

V18? With straight pipes? It wouldn't just rattle windows with the Jake on - it would break 'em. With some sort of hydrostat or CVT I'd win all the stoplight drags. Pass everything but the diesel pumps!

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