Friday, July 09, 2010

I Heard It In The Alley On A Weird Radio*

I gotta have satellite radio. It's not just an option, it's a requirement. Yeah, I could carry a ton of CD's or put them all on an iPod or some such, and hook it up to the radio in the Mighty Binder, but that sounds like work. Besides, I like the NASCAR channel - that ain't gonna work with terrestrial radio supplemented with a large amount of memory. And, there is no FM to speak of in some of the areas I go. Cruise around northwestern North Dakota sometime, if you don't believe me. If you enjoy Indian chants - drive on up to New Town - there's a station there that has a program devoted to just that subject. It's the only thing on the dial, too. So, SiriusXM is it, baybee.

There is a drawback to the music channels - they do use a limited playlist, and if you listen long enough there will be a considerable amount of repeats. I tend to listen long enough to start back through the rotation and switch to something else when it comes to the extensive music channels available. Too bad I can only stand about four or five of them....

Anyways, if ya drop in on them once in a while, you'll get a new playlist with some different selections from before. Such was the case yesterday.


Eeeegads I hadn't heard this song or this group for an eon or so. Honestly, I really don't remember anything about Zebra, but a trip to Wikipedia does enlighten somewhat. Musical talent? I have none. Just know what I like, and this tune fits right in.

Zebra also charted with "Tell Me What You Want", and there are a few brain cells left that retain a memory of that tune as well. Good song, but this one is better.

*From the lyrics to this tuneage:


Just the music you need when you are in a car over the lake.


Lisa Paul said...

I had to stop reading at "the NASCAR channel". There is a NASCAR channel? Is it commentary of races or NASCAR-appropriate tuneage?

Jeffro said...

Oh yeah there is! During the week they have several three hour talk/call in shows with several Motor Racing Network (MRN) announcers and others who have covered races on television (ESPN, Speed Channel, the old Nashville Network and others). Several NASCAR personalities are also featured. My favorite is Tradin' Paint with Rick Benjamin (longtime racing sports announcer) and Danny "Chocolate" Myers (former "gas man" for Dale Earnhardt Sr in his salad days). As far as I'm concerned, they are the Summerall and Madden of NASCAR. The channel broadcasts races that MRN covers, but not races that the Performance Racing Network (PRN) handles - so truckers can tune in on the road without trying to find the race on terrestrial radio.

The talk shows interview quite a variety of NASCAR participants - from the famous top tier drivers to the young, upcoming ones in support series, former drivers, crew chiefs, car owners, NASCAR officials, factory reps, track owners and managers, other media personalities (ex: Dr. Dick Berggren) - well, you get the idea. They even interview the folks who sing the National Anthem sometimes. If you are a fan, it's pretty entertaining to listen. Most of the hosts have a wicked sense of humor and more patience than I to put up with some of the less intelligent callers. And, some of the callers are regulars and really contribute to the discussion - like a well run internet forum.

Some of the hot button topics are "Why isn't Junior winning?" - that gets a ton of people, and they either hate him or like him, and the hosts get tired of the callers all saying the same things over and over. Danica Patrick coming to NASCAR had a similar response. When one driver punts another with the "chrome horn," that fuels discussions for a week until the next race. The subject of the "Chase" points system brings detractors out of the woodwork, and it's six years old now.

And NASCAR listens - some of the tweaks in the rules have been inspired by some of the fan complaints - the current double file restarts and the "Let boys be boys" policy towards rough driving and drivers policing themselves were covered extensively by the shows and discussed with the appropriate officials.

There are several sports talk channels with similar formats - but most of them aren't so specialized. They tend to cover several sports. IndyCar has a channel, and there are pro football, basketball, baseball and hockey channels that cover each and every game. College sports aren't completely covered - there is no Big Twelve network, for instance.

Also, during the race, SiriusXM reserves a few channels for driver radios - the normal broadcast of the race is interrupted by the in car and crew radio transmissions of certain of the more popular drivers. So you hear the race and what you would if you were at the track with a scanner tuned to your driver's channel. Uncensored.

And here you probably thought I worshiped at the altar of Glenn Beck every day! :0

Lisa Paul said...

I'd better keep this under my hat. There are some Brits out this way who would rush out to get Satellite Radio if they knew about NASCAR Radio as you describe it.

Jeffro said...

Perish the thought!

Lisa Paul said...

Just found out NASCAR radio gave a big boost to one of our favorite bbq joints, The Shellville Grill. It was just featured on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". During the recent NASCAR weekend up at the Infineon Raceway, Guy Fieri was interviewed on NASCAR radio. He gave Schellville Grill a shout-out and called the owner, Matt, to tell him to double the amount of bbq he was cooking that night. Apparently the NASCAR people flooded in after the race, giving a wonderful local business a great night of business.

So I now say: Hooray for NASCAR Radio!

drjim said...

Sirius came preinstalled when I bought my new Jeep in 2007. I always swore I'd never pay for radio, but since it came with a 6 month free subscription, I thought I'd give it a try. When I called to activate it, they offered me a special deal on a two-year subscription. I told them I wasn't sure I was going to like it, and they said I could call back anytime in the next 30 days, and the offer would be accepted.
I called back a week later to get my 2 years!
They also have The Patriot Channel on 144, which is really great.