Monday, May 24, 2010

Yep, We're Bad

Yep, it's all our fault they can't control corruption. Of course, our Evil Loophole Gun Shows (ELGS) supply the drug trade with fully automatic weapons, sold by unscrupulous dealers, since fully automatic weapons are so easy to buy in the good ol' USA. Oh, wait, automatic weapons are highly regulated and taxed, so purchasing one at a gunshow from a dealer would take lots of paperwork, money and time. The criminals in Mexico surely wouldn't miss an opportunity to buy a legal machine gun for tens of thousands of dollars at an ELGS in the US when they can pick up an AK from an arms merchant from Russia for under $100. It's also nice to see how Mexico welcomes immigrants with open arms. Oh, wait, they don't. Plus, it's nice to see how our President and our Democrat Congresspeople support our country and resent the attempts at meddling in our affairs by Calderon. Oh, wait, they gave Calderon a standing ovation.

Now the above pic is some hope and change I can get behind.


threecollie said...

Love the photo! A friend sent me a couple of videos from channel 2 in Atlanta. They did an investigation of who is coming across the border and a good percentage are from known terrorist-supporting countries who come in through the south.
Here is one of them

Jeffro said...

Oh, yes, that's another little dirty secret. Homeland Security Theater - bah.